Board OLC of Directors

Julia Brine - Director
A natural history and botanical artist, Julia is a principal landscape
designer at GardenLarge, a firm that designs, plants, and cares for
naturalistic gardens. She and her husband, Duncan, open their 6-acre Brine
in Pawling to the public through the Garden Conservancy.

John Burweger - Director
An expert in commercial real estate and self employed, John has an active
concern with land acquisition and conservation issues. He provides valuable
insights into the real estate aspects of Oblong activities. John served as
President of the Board of the Pawling Free Library. 

Jay Erickson - Director
Pawling resident Jay Erickson, a life-long environmentalist, is co-founder
of the consulting firm Bootsoft and the real estate tool CoopSnoop. He
brings his expertise in technology and the internet to help further
Oblong's mission and is also a member of the locally-based Americana band
Red Rooster, a board member of the Pawling Farmers Market and a member of
the Town Planning Board of Pawling. With Jay's help we are looking closely
at the role that technology plays in our ongoing activities. 

Stephen C. Ewing - Director
Growing up under the tutelage of lifelong conservationist and
environmentalist parents, Steve learned at a young age to appreciate, love,
respect and preserve Nature. Since moving to Pawling in 2004, Steve has
become an active board member of the Pawling Nature Reserve restoring over
15 acres of Preserve land from being overrun with invasive plant species
and the Oblong Land Conservancy, where his fundraising skills honed from a
career on Wall Street, are utilized. Steve is also a founding member of the
Pawling Farmers Market, the founding member of a classic soul dance band,
The Hot Damn Band, member of The American Legion, and a member of The
Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

William Garrett Foscato - Director
As a local businessman (landscape construction & design) and avid
outdoors man, Bill has a great interest in conservation. His background in
business development and marketing can help Oblong meet the challenge of
promoting our organization to the public. His outdoor interests extend to
hiking and fishing, landscaping and plant materials and a particular
interest in the use of water features in landscape design. Bill is also
fond of music. 

Sibyll M. Gilbert - Vice Chair
A strong background in conservation has made Sibyll a major player in the
field, not only in Pawling but across Dutchess County. For many years she
has served as a member and primary researcher for the Pawling Conservation
Advisory Board. Her strong personal interests in birding, nature study, and
formal training in landscape design and art contribute to her achievements.

Jonathan Howe - Director
A lifelong outdoor enthusiast, Jonathan is a Pawling resident and high
school science teacher with a background in ecology and environmental
studies. Throughout his teaching career, Jonathan has emphasized the beauty
and vulnerability of natural systems, encouraged the scientific study of
complex interactions, and fostered a value of stewardship within his
students. He is passionate about connecting people and nature through

Bart Louwagie – Director
In his 30 years of working with technology, Bart has been an out of the box
thinker, driven to define clear goals and using empowerment to reach them.
He has negotiated large deals by focusing on the mutual benefits of
collaboration and loves using tools and techniques that create good group

Lynn M. Martin – Director
With corporate expertise in human resources, operations and business
development, Lynn has worked within a broad spectrum of industries,
including finance, manufacturing & the hospitality industry. A life-long
nature lover and conservationist, Lynn is licensed by New York as a state
wildlife rehabilitator and falconer. Lynn lived on Whaley Lake in Holmes, NY
for over 20 years organizing and leading efforts to preserve the lake and
surrounding area. and now lives on the Ten-Mile River in Dover Plains. 

Theresa Ryan - Chair
A project manager for a civil engineering form, Theresa is a committed
environmentalist. When not designing and managing projects she can be found
in the field or in a kayak enjoying the sights and sounds of our natural
world. Theresa brings a great deal of experience to Oblong in terms of past
service on the Town of Dover Conservation Advisory Council and her
professional career that spans just about every aspect of site planning
including site design, erosion control, storm-water management, and
regulatory agency approvals. 

Brian Smith - Treasurer
Brian Smith is owner/president of Fairway Accounting, Inc. and an “enrolled
agent,” authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service, with
over twenty years of experience working in accounting and taxation
services. A resident of Pawling since 2001 he currently is president of the
Pawling Library Trustees and serves on the boards of Pawling Youth
Development and the Quaker Hill Burial Ground Association. He is a member
of the Pawling Rotary Association. 

Louis Trombetta, PhD - Secretary
A professional toxicologist and member of the Society of Toxicology, Louis
has engaged in extensive research in aquatic pollution. He is past
president of the New York Entomological Society at the American Museum of
Natural History, and his strong conservation interests are focused on land
management, water and land pollution and environmental standards. 

Philip van Buren – Director
Philip van Buren is a lawyer who specializes in land use and development
related cases, representing small business and community interests. His
experience includes eminent domain and Freedom of Information Law
litigation and appeals, policy analysis of urban planning and economic
development proposals, including economic development and neighborhood
condition studies; environmental review comment and litigation, policy
advocacy, small business building code, zoning, and environmental
compliance and advocacy, and commercial landlord/tenant negotiation and
litigation. He has participated in Clean Water Act regulatory revision and
litigation and advocacy and litigation under the Historic Preservation Act,
and for a short time worked under the commissioner at the DEP as liaison
with environmental organizations in relation to New York City watershed
regulation and planning. 

Charles Werner - Director
Chuck's experience as a corporate banker, and in recent years as founder
and partner of an institutional brokerage firm, brings financial expertise
to Oblong. A Pawling Community activist, Mr. Werner is the owner of the
local book store The Book Cove which is a landmark Pawling Village magnet. 

Dorian Winslow - Director
Dorian has been a Pawling resident since 1993. Her company Womanswork makes
gardening products sold worldwide. Dorian's background in marketing and her
entrepreneurial drive and focus adds much needed skills to our efforts. 

Advisory Board:
Elizabeth Allen
Elizabeth Baker
Thomas Bloom, DDS
Philip Bonnano, M.D.
F. Gordon Douglas
Kent Johnson
James Earl Jones

Interim Consultant:
Christopher Wood
Well versed in all aspects of real estate and development, Chris
is an invaluable asset. He is also a past president of the Quaker Hill Civic
Association, a former chair of Oblong Land Conservancy and serves on
the Board of Re>Think Local.