Annual Appeal For Giving

Dear Friends,

In reflecting on your charitable giving this season, please remember the important work of the Oblong Land Conservancy in preserving the quality of life you enjoy in Pawling and Dover. We ask for your support to continue our mission.

The Oblong Land Conservancy (OLC) is the only group whose charter is to preserve and provide stewardship for high conservation value open spaces in and around Pawling and Dover. Founded in 1990 by local residents who volunteer their time, the OLC has been responsible for putting conservation easements on over 1,100 acres of land in our midst.

Land conservation is a costly proposition. OLC both owns land and holds conservation easements, enabling us to see that this open space is protected in perpetuity. Every dollar that we have received from our supporters has been put to work and leveraged to obtain grants (which require matching funds). Nothing is wasted.

This year we have had some notable achievements. We announced the establishment of the 100-acre Slocum-Mostachetti Preserve on an environmentally valuable site in Wingdale, the culmination of countless hours working with local government, the land owners and other environmental groups. In 2009 we also previewed a number of potential conservation easements and we have several projects in the pipeline. Finally, as part of our position in the community to be vigilant about planning issues that affect our future, OLC representatives provided considerable input to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee for the updated Pawling Master Plan and submitted Public Comments on the Dover Knolls project in Wingdale.

2010 will be OLC’s 20th anniversary year, and we have an exciting year planned. Among other initiatives we will implement visitor-friendly improvements at our new Slocum-Mostachetti Preserve; pursue a paid part time professional stewardship position to direct our growing inventory of conserved lands; and continue with our efforts to develop an environmental curriculum at Pawling and Dover schools.

It is for assistance in meeting these goals that I am writing to you. Please be as generous as you can in helping us conserve all that is best in our beloved place. Click here to download a form to send in with a check or click here to donate online.

We invite you to visit our recently redesigned website at and become a “Fan” of OLC at

Yours sincerely,

Chris Wood